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HTML5: The Missing Manual

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Below is a chapter-by-chapter list of all the web links that are mentioned in the book. Click a link to visit the corresponding website, and continue your HTML5 explorations.

Note: If you're looking for the list of examples (sample pages shown in the book), you can find them here.

Chapter 1. Introducing HTML5 The W3C version of the HTML5 standard The W3C logo generator The WHATWG version of the HTML living language A reference of language codes The W3C validator (supports HTML5) A validator that supports XHTML5 A list of new elements in HTML5 Information about browser support for HTML5 features Browser usage statistics Google Analytics (statistics for your website)
Modernizr (a tool for evaluating browser support for HTML5 features) Polyfills that patch HTML5 features on non-supporting browsers

Chapter 2. Structuring Pages with Semantic Elements The WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) website Video showing how web accessibility works A Google web authoring survey (includes most common class names) A script that adds support for the semantic elements to old versions of Internet Explorer HTML5 Doctor (a hotbed of HTML5 discussion) An online HTML5 outliner The h5o outlining plug-in for Chrome An Opera-compatible version of h5o

Chapter 3. Writing More Meaningful Markup A list of time zones A list of ARIA role names The ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) standard The RDFa (Resource Description Framework) standard A catalog of microformats The hCard microformat (in detail) The hCalendar microformat (in detail) The microdata standard A collection of standardized microdata formats
Microdata formats for different types of data
Online tools for creating microdata A JavaScript tool for testing microdata Google Rich Snippets Google Rich Snippets testing tool Bing Markup Validator A full list of a formats, and their relationships
Examples of specialized search features that use microdata The Recipe microdata format ISO format for specifying time durations (as used in the recipe format) A complete microdata recipe example The Google Recipe View search tool

Chapter 4. Web Forms, Refined HTML5 polyfills (including ones to add placeholder and autofocus support to Internet Explorer)
Regular expression tutorials Ready-made regular expressions
Mastering Regular Expressions Mastering Regular Expressions (book) The HTML5Forms polyfill 
TinyMCE and CKEditor, two JavaScript-powered HTML editors
Opera's two-part tutorial for HTML editing in the browser

Chapter 5. Audio and Video YouTube's HTML5 video trial Web Audio API specification Free MP3 audio loops H.264 licensing rules Specifying media codecs (HTML5 specification)
Audacity (free audio editor) and LAME encoder for MP3 support Goldwave (shareware audio editor) Miro Video Converter (multiformat video converter) Handbrake (H.264 video converter) Zencoder (professional media encoding service) Upload YouTube videos
Flowplayer Flash and FlowPlayer HTML5 (JavaScript media players) JavaScript reference for the <video> object
VideoJS and jPlayer (JavaScript media players) WebVTT standard for captions Caption Maker tool for creating caption files A reference of language codes Polyfill for caption support in old browsers Captionator (adds caption support to all HTML5 browsers)

Chapter 6. Fancy Fonts and Effects with CSS3 Status of CSS3 modules W3C's logo-building page for HTML5 CSS3 demonstration website Vendor prefix requirements for CSS3 -prefix-free library for adding vendor prefixes automatically
Gradient generating tools
Creating a Website: The Missing Manual Creating a Website: The Missing Manual (book) A basic hover button tutorial Information about transitions and timing-function examples Information about 3-D transforms Google WebFont Loader Font Squirrel Google Fonts Font Squirrel font kit generator 
Web font subscription sites

Chapter 7. Responsive Web Design with CSS3 Using responsive images on mobile devices Polyfill for rem units Mobile browser simulator for different devices
Ready-made responsive templates Media query that converts a menu to a drop-down list New York Times mobile site Modernizr documentation (includes the method for evaluating media queries in JavaScript) Information about the screen dimensions of various mobile devices

Chapter 8. Basic Drawing with the Canvas
Test pages for bezier and quadratic curves Fabric.js (JavaScript library for the canvas) KineticJS (JavaScript library for the canvas) Discussion about Javascript canvas libraries Ai->Canvas plug-in for Adobe Illustrator Mozilla documentation for canvas transforms Saving canvas content on the web server A canvas-based paint program Sketchpad (an advanced canvas-based paint program) ExplorerCanvas (canvas support for old browsers) Canvas-text (canvas text support for old browsers)
FlashCanvas and FlashCanvas Pro

Chapter 9. Advanced Canvas: Interactivity and Animation Advanced video effects with the canvas Word-wrapping with the canvas The Five Factor personality model
Your Brain: The Missing Manual Your Brain: The Missing Manual (book)
JavaScript libraries for canvas graphing The Google balls animation example A poke-able blob animation example A flying starfield animation example
JavaScript libraries for the canvas that support animation Discussion about Javascript canvas libraries A catalog of canvas examples Wikipedia knowledge map example 3D walker example Canvas chess example

Chapter 10. Storing Your Data HTML5 polyfills (including ones for web storage) The JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) standard Mozilla documentation for the Blob object A polyfill that uses Silverlight for drag-and-drop files Methods of the IndexedDB object store The IndexedDB specification Polyfill for IndexedDB using Web SQL

Chapter 12. Communicating with the Web Server Explanation of HTTP status codes HTML5 polyfills (including ones for server-sent events and web sockets) Check web socket support on the current computer A basic web socket test page A chat server based on web sockets A PHP web socket server A Ruby web socket server A Python web socket server A .NET web socket server A Java web socket server A node.JS web socket server Kaazing (a commercial, licensable web socket server)

Chapter 13. Geolocation, Web Workers, and History Management Gelocation override for Chrome Google Maps documentation Geolocation polyfill Online service that provides the physical address of an IP address Get clicks on a Google Map HTML5 polyfills (including ones for web workers) The importance of "cool" URLs ?Flickr's use of the History API

Appendix A. CSS Essentials

CSS: The Missing Manual CSS: The Missing Manual (book) The same site formatted with over 200 different style sheets Overview of CSS properties New CSS3 pseudo classes CSS3 selectors Web-safe fonts

Appendix B. JavaScript: The Brains of Your Page

JavaScript and jQuery: The Missing Manual JavaScript and jQuery: The Missing Manual (book) Mozilla's JavaScript guide Element reference (with properties, methods, and events) How to use Internet Explorer's debugging tools
Firebug (a Firefox debugging tool) How to use Google's debugging tools
Dragonfly (an Opera debugging tool) Safari Web Inspector (a Safari debugging tool) Objects in JavaScript