HTML5: The Missing Manual (book cover)

WordPress: The Missing Manual

* The Try-Out Site *

Welcome, readers!

Below are several of the sample WordPress sites discussed and demonstrated in the book. Click a link to visit the site and browse its posts. Underneath are a few text files with snippets of PHP code that were used in the custom template examples in Chapter 14.

Note: The examples are not meant to complete, stand-alone sites. They simple illustrate some of WordPress's many features.

Sample WordPress Sites

Magic Tea House Magic Tea House
Canton School Canton School image slider and author spotlight)
The Real Estate Diaries The Real Estate Diaries (on
Thoughts of a Lawyer Thoughts of a Lawyer (audio and video)
Urban Traveler Urban Traveler (photo site)
Distinct Furnishings Distinct Furnishings (custom PinBlack theme)

PHP Snippets from Chapter 13

Text file Adding a style to a post in the loop
Text file Enable widget embedding in a sidebar

PHP Snippets from Chapter 14

Text file Creating a custom post type
Text file Show custom post types in archive pages
Text file The get_posts() pattern
Text file The revised category template
Text file The revised index template