WordPress: The Missing Manual

Welcome to the third edition of WordPress: The Missing Manual. We’re glad you’re here!

On this page you’ll find some of the example sites from the book, and a few useful links that we’ve reproduced for easy reference.

Sample WordPress Sites

Here are some of the sample WordPress sites discussed in the book. Click a link to visit the site and browse its posts. These examples aren’t meant to be complete, stand-alone sites. But they do let you play with some of WordPress’s many features in real life.

Magic Tea HouseMagic Tea House
Canton SchoolCanton School image slider and author spotlight)
The Real Estate DiariesThe Real Estate Diaries (on WordPress.com)
Thoughts of a LawyerThoughts of a Lawyer (audio and video)
Urban TravelerUrban Traveler (photo site)
Distinct FurnishingsDistinct Furnishings (custom PinBlack theme)

Useful Links