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If you're reading the second edition of WordPress: The Missing Manual and you're using WordPress 5 or later, here are some useful notes.

The New Editor

In WordPress 5 and later, there's a new editor called Gutenberg that's designed around blocks. The goal of Gutenberg is to make it easier to write richly formatted posts, even if you don't understand HTML or the WordPress embedding system.

Here's the takeaway: When you write a post in WordPress, you'll get a different editor than the one that's described in the book. You can solve this discrepancy in two ways.

Your first choice is to use the Classic Editor plug-in. Install and activate it, and you'll get exactly the same editor experience as what's the described in the book.

Your second choice is to learn more about Gutenberg and experiment on your own. Here's a good introduction to how it works and what's changed.

The One-Click Child Theme

Chapter 13 describes the One-Click Child Theme, which gives you a quick and painless way to duplicate a theme before you start making changes. This plug-in is no longer supported. However, you can use a similar free plug-in called Child Theme Configurator instead.

The Examples

Below are several of the sample WordPress sites discussed and demonstrated in the book. Click a link to visit the site and browse its posts. Underneath are a few text files with snippets of PHP code that were used in the custom template examples in Chapter 14.

Note: The examples are not meant to complete, stand-alone sites. They simply illustrate some of WordPress's many features.

Sample WordPress Sites

Magic Tea House Magic Tea House
Canton School Canton School image slider and author spotlight)
The Real Estate Diaries The Real Estate Diaries (on
Thoughts of a Lawyer Thoughts of a Lawyer (audio and video)
Urban Traveler Urban Traveler (photo site)
Distinct Furnishings Distinct Furnishings (custom PinBlack theme)

PHP Snippets from Chapter 13

Text file Enable widget embedding in a sidebar

PHP Snippets from Chapter 14

Text file The get_posts() pattern
Text file Switching the post template based on the category
Text file The revised category template
Text file The revised index template
Text file The revised single-post template