Hi! I’m Matthew MacDonald, writer, developer, and explorer of deep tech topics.

You can learn more about me here. Or scroll down to see what I’ve got planned for 2024.

The Year of AI

This year I’m embarking on a new journey into the field of artificial intelligence. I’m looking at it from two separate sides—as a developer trying to learn the essential concepts of data science, and as a regular person seeking to understand how AI will reshape our world. Sign up to The Year of AI newsletter to join me in my journey.

Coding for Kids

I’ve got plenty of ideas about introducing kids to the fine art of programming:

Get my free book A Tiny Introduction to JavaScript for kids (or any absolute beginner).

Download Messing Up the Web, a micro introduction to HTML.

Use my Coding for Kids flowchart to find different approaches for your learners.

Or just read some of my writings on the subject from Young Coder:

Choosing a First Programming for Kids

First Steps in Electronics for Kids

Weird Brain

An older project about that wet mass of cell tissue called the brain.

My Favorite Color Illusion

Memory Lessons From a Man Who Couldn’t Forget

The Calorie Myth

Your Brain: The Missing Manual

Your Body: The Missing Manual

Cthulhu for Kids

My Halloween project to bring H. P. Lovecraft’s cosmic horror to young readers.

About Cthulhu for Kids

Four Tales of Cthulhu

The Outsider