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ProseTech is a micro-publisher created by best-selling science and tech author Matthew MacDonald. It makes fun books that can help you conquer the world.

Our Projects

Halfwit to Hero

Our Halfwit to Hero series uses short chapters and online exercises to help you master tech topics like Excel and WordPress.


Our (upcoming) CodeQuest series teaches programming to kids by wrapping the concepts in fantasy and science-fiction stories.

Cthulhu for Kids

Our Cthulhu Halloween project abridges a selection of stories by cosmic horror writer H. P. Lovecraft into more kid-friendly versions.

Other Publishers

If you’re looking for the books Matthew MacDonald has written for other publishers, including the Missing Manuals series for O’Reilly and .NET programming books for Apress, you can find them here.

What’s New

My favorite color illusion

10 years ago I wrote a book for O’Reilly that remains one of my favorites to this day. The book—Your Brain: The Missing Manual—is still in print, and every once[…]

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Cthulhu for Kids

Here’s something a bit different this Halloween: Three of H. P. Lovecraft’s cosmic horror tales (and one bonus) adapted for young readers. There’s no snark. There’s no cutesiness. Just gothic[…]

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Take “Excel Formulas” for a test drive

Curious how Halfwit to Tutorials work? Need to learn Excel, but not sure if you should invest hours watching Excel videos or chewing over Excel theory in a reference book?[…]

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