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ProseTech is a micro-publisher created by best-selling science and tech author Matthew MacDonald. It makes fun books that can help you conquer the world.


Halfwit to Hero

Our Halfwit to Hero series uses short chapters and online exercises to help you master tech topics like Excel and WordPress.


Our (upcoming) CodeQuest series teaches programming to kids by wrapping the concepts in fantasy and science-fiction stories.

Cthulhu for Kids

Our Cthulhu Halloween project abridges a selection of stories by cosmic horror writer H. P. Lovecraft into more kid-friendly versions.

Other Publishers

If you’re looking for the books Matthew MacDonald has written for other publishers, including the Missing Manuals series for O’Reilly and .NET programming books for Apress, you can find them here.

Young Coder

Young Coder is a Medium partnered publication about coding, science, and tech — usually with a twist. We love quirky science, creative coding, and all the places inspiration meets semicolons.

What’s New

A Flowchart for Kids Learning to Code

In the past decade, the world has gone crazy for code-themed education. There’s an iPad app or robot caterpillar for every age. Many of these toys and games are perfectly fun[…]

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Messing Up the Web: A free tutorial for kids

There are plenty of ways to help your kids learn the basics of HTML. (I’m a fan of the no-nonsense videos at Khan Academy.) But when it came to teach my[…]

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The Rise and Fall of Visual Basic

After 28 years, are we are finally seeing the beginning of the end for one of the world’s most popular languages? I have a confession to make. Before I became[…]

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