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Throwback Thursday: A free (ancient) book about VB .NET

Sixteen years ago I wrote my first tech book, The Book of VB .NET. It was a guide for beginner programmers moving to the exciting new world of .NET, with extra advice for those coming from my favorite classic environment: the clean and quirky Visual Basic 6. The book was published by the wonderful No…
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Official release! Excel Formulas Halfwit to Hero

Print copies are available at Amazon with a Kindle version to follow (once I get the formatting as polished in pixels as it is in print). Still want to kick the tires? You can take a peek at the companion labs that help you practice the concepts in each chapter. And feel free to contact…
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“Excel Formulas” is in the pipeline!

The first H2H book is on its way! Excel Formulas: Halfwit to Hero is a compact guide to the essential art of formula writing, whether you’re using Excel to build a business, run a budget, or solve your math homework. Even if you’re an Excel newbie who has never cracked open a spreadsheet, the first…
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