Dance Battle

If you consider yourself a fan of popping and locking (and I do), the Crazylegs World Classic is an event you cannot miss.

Here, Jutsu breaks out some sick moves against the battle-master Salah. The result probably won’t surprise dance masters, but the battle is enjoyable all the same.


The Felon I Didn’t Represent

In my line of work, I rub shoulders with plenty of dubious characters. Most of them are my clients. The exchange is simple: their money for my time. I leave the judging to the judge, and try to give them the best legal representation possible, provided it doesn’t disrupt my golf game in the summer, my racquetball game in the winder, or my tanning sessions at the club (natch).

But in some situations fair representation just isn’t possible. This was the case last week, when a potential client came to me to ask for my services in defending him against a potential DUI charge. The funny thing is, I recognized him from the suspect line-up for a break-and-enter last year, which just happened to be MY HOUSE!! Needless to say, he didn’t retain my services, but I did still charge him a consult fee.


My New CD, “All Alone on the Web”, Is About to Drop

Moody computer-generated music, with lyrics that would puzzle even Confucius. Here’s a preview of my latest work.

Track 1. Life One Pixel at a Time

Track 2. Learning to Love Your Blue Screen

Track 3. Time for a Ctrl+Alt+Delete (of My Heart)


Words of wisdom …

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”


Where I’m eating

Out to lunch at Pedro’s!


This guy has mad skillz


Jon Dudley

Always wondered if the Jon Dudley case would go to trial.