About Matthew MacDonald

Matthew MacDonald is a prolific author, who’s written enough heavy books to prop open all the doors in his house. He’s particularly known for his books about building websites, which include a do-it-from-scratch tutorial (Creating a Website: The Missing Manual), a look at cutting-edge HTML5 (HTML5: The Missing Manual), and a primer on the seriously cool WordPress web publishing tool (WordPress: The Missing Manual). He’s also written a series of books about programming on and off the Web with .NET, and is a three-time Microsoft MVP.

Those who don’t have tech problems to solve can check out Matthew MacDonald’s science books, where he debugs the quirks and complexities of the human brain (Your Brain: The Missing Manual) and body (Your Body: The Missing Manual). Both books use a mash-up of full-color pictures, trivia, and philosophical head-scratchers. In everyday life, Matthew is endlessly amazed by the odd, unusual, and just plain bonkers workings of the natural world, and he has help pondering these mysteries from his two small daughters’ ever-penetrating questions (“Is there such a thing as fireballs?” Right now, or when there were dinosaurs?”)

When not writing, Matthew hides out from his editors in remote places, plays rhythm dance games (often, but not that well), and helps his wife run a thriving music school (http://sugarbeat.ca). Matthew also supports the selfless and courageous work of the international aid group Doctors Without Borders, and thinks you should check them out too.

You can contact Matthew by emailing matthew @ prosetech.com.